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The Ortholine Clinic in assembly with T.P Orthodontics Brazil invites you to take part of the orthodontic Extensive theoretical-clinical course of the Simplified Straight-Wire technique. This new treatment proposal, created by Dr. Messias Rodrigues, associates/binds to the mechanical straight wire aparatologia the tip edge brackets/braces on the canines. In this way, the biomechanics of the treatment becomes more efficient and simple, where problems as loss of control of the over-bite and retraction difficulties are completely eliminated.

To enable the surgeon-dentist to diagnose, plan, and treat improper dental and skeletal occlusions, using orthodontic mechanics focused on the Simplified Straight-Wire Technique. To study other requisites for orthodontic practice, as the cephalometric analyses, diagnosis processes, fundamental theoretical foundations, typodont laboratory practice, and clinical practice with patients where fixed devices will be used in the treatment of cases with different degrees of complexity.

Conventional edgewise and pre-adjusted slots frequently deviate the incisalmente arc during retraction, severely limiting the capacity of correcting previous anterior overbites.  With the Tip-Edge brackets/braces on the canines, this adverse diversion of the arch seen in common edgewise devices, particularly in the pre-adjusted devices is eliminated.  With the Tip-Edge brackets/braces on the canines we can quickly open previous overbites without the use of extra oral strengths, bite plans, or functional devices.

Education Material
From this new prescription of differentiated brackets/braces in the canines, Dr. Messias Rodrigues developed the Simplified Straight-Wire technique.  His experience developing this new proposal for over 10 years is reported in his book*, which takes the same name as the technique, used as a guide during the course.

*Sold separately

Monthly Modules
After years of experience administering courses, we observed that sequential modules offer pupils the opportunity of the day-by-day lifestyle experience in the office/clinic, in the next module subjects learned will be able to be discussed in case there are any doubts.

Clinic with Patients
Besides the auditorium and laboratory, the Ortholine Clinic, location where the course takes place, makes use of an ample clinic where the students are divided in pairs and attend patients from the initial phases of the treatment up to the conclusion.

Duration: 24 modules of 2 days, every 30 days.

Price: R$500,00 (Five hundred Reais) each module.

Summarized Program

  1. Orthodontic techniques presentation.
  2. Simplified Straight-Wire methodology and mechanical treatment.
  3. Simplified Straight-Wire typodont mechanics.
  4. Ricketts and Jarabak Standards cephalometric analysis.
  5. Facial analysis.
  6. Palatine disjunctions.
  7. Preventive orthodontics.
  8. Skeletal maturation.
  9. Transpalatine bar.
  10. Mechanical treatment without bumper-sleeve extraction.
  11. Treatment with molar extractions / molar extraction treatment.
  12.  Centrical relation treatment.
  13.  Diagnosis, treatment, and planning of clinical cases.
  14.  Surgical V.T.O.




Ortholine Clinic
Rua 13 de Maio, 426, Centro
• Fones: (19) 3422-5362 / (19) 3434-2639
• Piracicaba/São Paulo


Professor and Coordinator:

• Dr.Messias Rodrigues


Dra. RosanaRosana Villela Chagas
Professor responsible for the orthodontic discipline at Taubaté University.
Orthodontic specialization and facial orthopedic professor at Taubaté University.
Dentistry master and doctor.

Dr. Fernando MachadoDr. Fernando Machado
Orthodontics Specialist for the General Polyclinic of Rio de Janeiro.
Co-author of the book Aesthetics with Composed Resin in anterior Teeth - Santos publishing.     


Dr. Julio Vargas Neto Dr. Julio Vargas Neto
Graduated at Araraquara Dentistry University – UNESP (1992)
Master’s degree in orthodontic and facial orthopedic at Bauru Dentistry University (USP) 1998.
Graduate and post-graduate professor at Araras Dentistry University- UNIARARAS.

          Specialization course Professor at the professional improvement School of the Paraná Dentistry Association – AONP, Londrina - PR.     

Dr. Edmárcio MaffacioliEdmárcio Maffacioli
Graduated in Dentistry by the Pontifícia Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, PUC - RS.

Post-Graduate degree in orthodontics and facial orthopedics at Taubaté University, UNITAU.