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Some Original Illustrations From the Book

Simplified Straight-Wire Technique

The Simplified Straight-Wire Technique which gives the name to the book was developed by the author from an original idea, with the intention of solving some undesirable effects that occur in the initial phases of the conventional Straight-Wire Technique.  This new biomechanical proposal was developed from a new bracket/brace prescription, where the author extols a special bracket/brace for the canines, which are the intermediary teeth between the anterior and posterior teeth, and are responsible for the resistance of the retraction movements from the anterior teeth, mainly in the cases of patients with big/great protrusions.

Published by the Dental Publisher Press, one of the most respected odontology publishing companies in the country, this workmanship reports the experience of over 10 years of developing this new proposal, disclosed with over 1000 photographs and 20 clinical cases reported with refined detail in every stage of the treatment/process.

Along with the second edition in Portuguese, editions in English and Spanish have also been made.  The distribution of the English and Spanish version is being made through T.P. Orthodontics in the USA, Europe, Mexico, and other countries.  Furthermore, for the countries in Latin America, the Napoleão/Napoleon publishing company distributes the book to doctors and bookstores who are interested in redistributing in their own country.


How to Acquire the Book

In Brazil
Clínica Ortholine - Piracicaba / SP.
Phones: 19-3434-2639 / 19-3422-5362.

Editora Dental Press - Maringá / PR.
Phone: 44-3462-2425.

T.P. Orthodontics - Indiana.
Fone: 01-219-785-2591.

In Portugal and Europa
T.P. Orthodontics
Porto: ask for Karina Fuzeneli, phone: 96-420-4448.
Lisboa: ask for Medalaine Marto, phone: 96-745-0659.